Tiramisù has quite an erotic origin.

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The word Tiramisù literally translates to “pick me up” (tira-mi-sù), derived from the Treviso dialect “tireme su” due to 2 of its caffeinated ingredients - espresso and cocoa.  Origins are highly debated and a bit mysterious for this heavenly aphrodisiac, but legend has it that it was actually first served in brothels in Treviso as a means to reinvigorate prostitutes and clients to keep the money flowing.

Strangely, this recipe only found its way into cookbooks only near the 1980s, but has become synonymous with the Italian cuisine.

Why isn't Tiramisù ever as good back home?

Have you wondered why this delectable dessert does not always live up to being quite so satiating back home? Our chef Tommy explained that most of the mascarpone cheese has much less fat content in North America - sometimes only 30% fat, compared to the 60% fat content we use in Rimessa Roscioli, which is also from an artisan producer.

When paired with the right wine (we often use a Moscato d'Asti from Fabio Perrone) I watch our clients escape into a new realm where this ambrosial combination sometimes leaves adults saying "I don't know why kids do drugs - they could just eat tiramisu and drink moscato."

By the way, we also never add liquor which can make the dish feel a bit heavy for its delicate nature, but you often find it with Marsala or Madeira, but even rum or amaretto are sometimes added.

Watch our chef prepare the recipe and spice up your next romantic night by serving this sumptuous dessert.


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  1. I went to Rome last year and I tasted this wounderful dessert, OMG so unique¡ I live in Cartagena. Colombia. I will try to do the recipe. Thanks

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      Find the best ingredients that you can! Good luck and let us know how it goes…

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