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Barolo 'Ciabot Tannasio' 2014, Sobrero

Region: Castiglione Falleto, Barolo (PIEMONTE)
Drinking Window: now - 2028+ (patience rewarded)
Pairings: Pot roasts with Barolo, red meat and game, stuffed guinea fowl, first courses featuring meat or mushrooms.
Winemaking Notes: 35 days of maceration, not filtered, 10-55 year old vines, large oak barrels, 20,000 bottles produced.
Description: Ok. you all know Barolo right? So there's no point talking about it. Why don’t we do an experiment so: I’ll put some music on, The Goldberg Variations of J. S. Bach played by Glen Gould, a bite of an aged cheddar and silence. A sip of wine, a bite of cheese. and silent.

Right? There was really no point of speaking with this 'pairing'. What’s the point of telling you that Barolo is one of the most important regions in the world? that it is a land that has been divided in more than a 100 different vineyards based on the composition of the soil? No reasons to tell that the Nebbiolo (the grape variety) is one of the most complex in the world, capable of giving you wines that can be aged up to 40 years, wines with structure and elegance, fruit and earthiness, complexity and finesse. And what a great opportunity to taste too Barolo in one night. One more fruity and aggressive (Sobrero) the other one more elegant and soft.

Perhaps in your mind you thought... it was like an erotic dance with a strong handsome man who's a bit rude and a nice elegant and soft woman with a deep desire in her eyes, they are dancing and hugging each other and suddenly he grabs her…


Alta Fedelta 2015, Do.t.e.

Region: Cortona (UMBRIA)
Drinking Window: Now
Pairings: Cured meats, game, pizza.
Winemaking Notes: Spontaneous fermentation, no clarification and unfiltered, steel tanks and cement vats, no systemic pesticides (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides), total absence of chemical and enological products (no sulfites added) .
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Permano 2015, Terenzuola

Canaiolo Nero 85% and other red grapes 15%
Region: Fosdinovo (TUSCANY)
Drinking Window: now - 2024
Pairings: Pasta with meat sauce.
Winemaking Notes: Organic farming, hand harvested, 4,000 bottles produced.
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Villa 2015, Pacina

Region: Castelnuovo Berardenga (TUSCANY)
Drinking Window: now, patience pays off
Pairings: Ossobuco, grilled red meat
Winemaking Notes: Indigenous yeasts, malolactic fermentation, cement vats, no clarification or filtration, no sulfites added.
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Ddefiu 2017, Abbazia San Giorgio

Region: Pantelleria (SICILIA)
Drinking Window: now - 2022
Pairings: Strong soft cheeses (goat), smoked mackerel, pesto
Winemaking Notes: Organic farming, 2 week skin contact, up to 100 year old vines, no added sulpher, Rimessa Roscioli exclusive wine - 600 bottles produced.
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Brut Metodo Classico, Lieselehof

Souvignier gris
Drinking Window: now - 2022
Pairings: Versatile as an aperitif, or with shrimp, shellfish, and fish.
Winemaking Notes: Methode Lieselehof (champenouise), organic farming, no pesticides/herbicides, extremely low sulpher, resistent grapes.
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