Wine Auction alla Rimessa

September 12th, 2020

All the wines available were purchased directly from the winemaker and have been preserved by Paolo Zaccaria and Dario Cappelloni - two prominent personalities for over twenty years in wine journalism - in their cellars at controlled temperature in a horizontal position and without light.

In this catalog you can view the lots that will be auctioned in live streaming by Alessandro Pepe with the story of each label by two of the greatest connoisseurs of Italian and French wines, Dario Cappelloni and Paolo Zaccaria.

It will also be possible to make your own proposal for each lot in offline mode in advance, by 'booking' your offer in the Bid box; just write the bid price and in the event that for a given lot, a higher bid is not received, the reserved bidder wins the lot.

The bottles will be delivered to the winners after October when suitable to ship in safe temperatures which will not damage the state of the wine.

Auction Catalog

The wines have been divided into 4 four categories with the aim of facilitating the classification of each bottle even for those who are not familiar with all the wines.


Lesser known producers and areas of great value. In this category we wanted to bring together niche labels to discover great surprises and emotions.
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The name itself says it, we gather here all the wines you MUST taste at least once in your lifetime which in some cases also have an excellent quality-price ratio compared to the commercial prices at retailers.
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Some wines over time have become unavailable or lack availability due to the scarce production or vanishing vintage. Therefore, all those unique 'collectible' labels that you many never find again are included.
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In this category there are the wines of Olympus, the most celebrated and acclaimed for their undisputed superior uniqueness. The icons that made the history of the world of wine.
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